ATEIA<sup srcset=® AFTERSUN" width="100" height="347" />All ATEIA® emulsions are protected from environmental hazards by HIGH-TECH packaging.

A special package with a patented airless system and a self-priming pump ensures precise dosage, an application in every position (360°-function) and a maximum protection of the tube contents against contamination by germs.

When pressed onto the nozzle head, the integrated reciprocating piston is pushed upwards by the evacuating vacuum and the lotion emerges from the nozzle head. This also ensures optimal use of the can contents, with up to 99% consumption of the filling capacity.

  • Provides 100% functional safety.
  • Ensures maximum protection from outside contamination.
  • Provides an application in any position (360°-function).
  • Ensures precise dosage.
  • Guarantees a minimal residual amount.
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