ATEIA® combines years of research, soothing active ingredients and a love of skin and the sun. Sophisticated enzyme technologies meet everyday products for every skin type, providing lasting sun protection, safe tanning and anti-inflammatory formulas for use before, during and after sun exposure.
In order to protect the skin optimally and to find the right product for every skin type, we have summarized the necessary sun tips and the correct application here.

What makes ATEIA® so special?

  • The contained DNA repair enzymes (photosomes, ultrasomes) in combination with the Nopal cactus extract. DNA repair enzymes (photosomes, ultrasomes) are DNA-binding proteins that cause the body’s own repair mechanism to function in the cell nucleus.
  • This active principle was developed by an international dermatologist team around Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter Wolf in the course of a research project for the development of an innovative sun protection copied from nature.
  • Microbes which had already been exposed to high UV radiation for thousands of years and are equipped with an efficient repair mechanism served as a model here.
  • When used optimally, ATEIA® products can slow down the aging process of the skin.

How does ATEIA® work?

  • The photosomes activate the skin’s repair mechanism in daylight, the ultrasomes at night (24 hour action).
  • The DNA repair enzymes are packaged liposomally using a special manufacturing technology and penetrate deeper layers of the skin after application of the lotion.
  • They accelerate the regeneration process of skin cells exposed to UV light and thereby promote skin tanning.

Nopal cactus

Nopal KaktusThe Nopal cactus has already been used by the Aztecs and Mayas as a natural remedy for skin infections and burns.

The Nopal cactus is rich in skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory substances. Important natural radical interceptors, such as vitamin C, E and beta carotene, strengthen the body’s immune system and protect against oxidative stress.

In addition, it has an extraordinarily high proportion of polysaccharides, which counteract the ageing and wrinkling of the skin.