For whom are ATEIA® sun protection products especially recommendable?

  • for light-skinned and sun-sensitive people with low self-protection
  • for persons with increased risk, e.g. with moles
  • if desired for natural skin tanning
  • for people with a tendency to a sun allergy
  • for people with visibly sunburnt skin


Apply ATEIA® sunscreen to the cleansed skin of the face and body half an hour before exposure to the sun. Repeat regularly during the day, especially during heavy sweating or after swimming and drying.

  • ATEIA® Sun protection and sun care products are also suitable for children.

Ateia® sun protection products are…

  • free from parabens,
  • free from PEG emulsifiers,
  • free from preservatives,
  • and do not contain alcohol (often used as a solvent, but can damage the skin in conjunction with the sun).


How long do ATEIA® sun protection products keep after opening?

On each ATEIA pack ® there is a crucible with a number-letter combination depicted on it. This is the so-called PAO sign.

This serves to inform consumers about the minimum shelf life of products after opening. The time is given in months. 6M means that the product will keep for 6 months after opening.