ATEIA® SUN BEAUTY CAPS with carotene

Dietary supplement, 60 pcs.

Additional product without Nopasome®


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The addition to sun protection from the outside, for a beautifully tanned summer complexion and for anti-aging support of the skin.

ATEIA® Sun Beauty Caps with carotene are not a substitute for applying an ATEIA® sunscreen because the capsules alone do not provide UV protection.


As a nutritional “beauty supplement” with anti-aging benefits, a vitamin complex with carotene can:

  • increase the tolerance of sun-exposed skin to solar radiation
  • support the tan and keep it longer
  • as well as being helpful in the defense against free radicals and oxidative stress. Because the contained antioxidants vitamin C and E, as well as selenium help to protect the skin cells from oxidative stress.


Take 1 capsule once a day with sufficient liquid. The ATEIA® Sun Beauty Caps can be taken all year round for a natural, healthy glowing effect on the skin. The specified recommended daily dose must not be exceeded.

Ingredients +

Vegetable oils (soy, refined; coconut; olive), gelatin, sugar, humectant: glycerol, L-ascorbic acid, milk fat, D-alpha, tocopherol, natural carotenoids (from Dunaliella salina), acerola fruit powder, sodium selenite, maltodextrin, emulsifier: soy lecithin, aroma.


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